Marko Smiljanić

guitarist. composer.




Album “Things People Say” pays an homage to the people that inspire me. Going through life we hear a lot of people say a lot of different things, but some resonate with us more than others. I took those special moments that spoke to me and tried to incorporate them into my music. The voices of world-renowned musicians, philosophers and thinkers resonate throughout the album, giving it an additional dimension that accompanies the music. The album works as a whole, each track playing its own part in a larger, more coherent story, outlining a tale of self-doubt, self-realization, death and rebirth.

Track List:

    1. Nice To Meet You
    2. Me, Myself and I
    3. Are We There Yet
    4. Is That All There Is
    5. Goodbye Cruel World
    6. For the Love of God
    7. Tell Us About the Lobster
    8. I Don`t Like Jazz
    9. It`s a Boy

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About me

I started playing guitar at an early age. Studying at Academy for Music in Ljubljana and with Eliot Fisk at Mozarteum University in Salzburg I am primarily classically trained, but I quickly developed a desire to look outside the realm of classical music, to not only perform but to also compose, arrange and produce my own music. As a result, I now experiment with multiple genres and try to find my own sound, my own style of playing. The album “Things People Say” is a direct product of this mentality, creating a new sonic environment for classical, nylon string guitar, which is more often than not only used as a solo instrument.

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